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All our kennels are spacious, we have kennels that cater to small, large and multiple dogs if you would like your dogs to share. The kennel runs are on average 12foot by 4foot, so when your dogs aren't being exercised they have plenty of space to move within. The backs of the kennels have central heating throughout and optional heatlamps if your dog requires it.

All dogs have there needs and we can cater for that...

If your dog requires a quiet kennel away from the louder more boisterous dogs please just let us know.

If your dog can't be exposed to direct sunlight we can place your pet in a kennel to suit there needs.,,/

Families of dogs can be housed together in our spacious family kennels, which can comfortably house three large dogs and numerous smaller dogs.

We use sturdy plastic pet beds and provide vetbed bedding, which is specifically designed to make a dog feel warm, secure and cosy. Made from double strength polyester with a high fibre density to retain extra heat to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible when boarding with us. If you wish to bring additional bedding to remind your dog of home during his or her stay, we will wash the bedding for the day of departure so its one less thing for you to worry about when you return from your holiday.

Treats are given out daily just as you would at home, however if you would prefer your dog not to be given treats, please let us know.

We provide a wide range of dry and wet food to give your dogs, however if your pet has a specific diet and we do not supply that brand of food, please feel free to bring it along for the duration of there stay.

As we are well aware that all dogs that board with us like to sit at the front of there kennel run whether the sun is shining or in torrential rain, we have covered walkways over the paths infront of the kennels and as we know all pets appreciate the sun, the roof of the structure is made from see through polycarbonate so your dogs opportunity to sun bathe has not been affected, whereas the rain entering your dogs run has been eliminated, ensuring your dogs are dry and comfortable throughout there stay regardless of the weather.

Kennel Cough

We request that all dogs being boarded with us have there kennel cough vaccination, as like the common cold it can spread quickly among dogs in close quarters of one another. Kennel cough is also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, which is an upper respiratory infection and is highly infectious. In most cases Kennel cough will clear up on its own, however in young puppies and older dogs secondary infections can progress to lower respiratory infections such as pneumonia. ideally to ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine, the vaccines should have been administered at least 10-14 days before a dog is boarded in kennels to ensure partial immunity is guaranteed.

When your pet is being dropped off to board with us, please bring evidence of your pets vaccinations and that there annual booster is up to date. We reserve the right to refuse your pet to stay if vaccines are not up to date for the safety of your pet and the other residents.


The cattery on site is a self enclosed building within the kennels. At all times we operate a locked door policy to ensure the safety of your pet at all times. Our cattery chalets are spacious and are able to house multiple cats comfortably. Scratching posts and luxurious cat beds are provided in every cat chalet to ensure your cat feels at home. All outdoor cat runs have multi level ledges so your cat can climb freely and feel safe as well as chairs for your cat to relax in the sun on. If your cat is an indoor cat we have indoor cat chalets suitable to meet your cats every need, whilst also remaining an interactive and fun environment. All indoor cat chalets have windows, so have plenty of natural light, whilst also enabling your cat to watch what is going on in the field, whether its the dogs exercising or the birds flying around the field.

We also provide boarding for a variety of small pets from parrots, rabbits, guinea pigs and even tortoises. We can cater for all your small animals needs, with the same care and attention we pay to dogs and cats. For all pricing enquiries please email us at

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